Instagram Shadow Ban Indication: How to

In social media marketing, it’s important to know how platform algorithms work. Instagram has something called a “shadow ban,” where your posts or account might not show up as much without you knowing. 

To help with this, ReachOwl enhances shadow ban indication on Instagram that shows if you’re affected by a shadow ban, giving users more control and understanding.

In this tutorial post, we’ll guide how this works and how it can benefit your social media campaigns.

Automatic Pausing of Campaigns

When your account gets shadow banned, ReachOwl stops your campaign on Instagram automatically. This helps stop any more interaction with Instagram until the ban is fixed. 

You’ll get a message saying your campaign is paused because of a shadow ban. This quick notice helps you fix the problem quickly and reduce its effect.

Shadow Ban Detection in Mention Tracking

ReachOwl added to its mention tracking tool. Now, it can detect if your account is shadow banned. If it detects a shadow ban while you’re using mention tracking, it will stop the process automatically. 

You’ll get an error message saying “Unable to scan hashtags,” so you know about the ban. This helps you fix the issue quickly and get your account back to normal.

This verification indicates that your account has sent too many requests and has been restricted by the social provider (like Meta). If you encounter this, first, please make sure that your social account is connected and functioning properly. If it is working fine, you should check for an Instagram shadow ban. This ban restricts the reach of your posts and limits your hashtag findings, even though your profile may seem normal.

Enhanced Campaign Reflections

The latest update in ReachOwl not only detects shadow bans but also reflects whether a campaign is affected by the ban. It helps users make better decisions about managing their campaigns. If there’s a shadow ban, users can see it clearly and change their strategies.


It’s important to keep up with changes and updates to stay effective. ReachOwl for Instagram shows if you’re shadow-banned. This helps you see and fix any issues early, so your campaigns work better and get more engagement.

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