How to Host/Upload Audio, Videos, or PDFs and Obtain a URL to use in ReachOwl

Are you struggling to upload and share audio, videos, or PDFs for your ReachOwl campaigns? We understand the challenges of hosting multimedia content and obtaining URL links.  Here’s a step-by-step guide along with a recommended website to simplify the process. Step 1: Campaign Creation Create a new campaign and choose “Facebook Group Members.” where you want to place your Video, Audio, PDF file with Message Sequence campaign. Step 2: Target Your Facebook Group Select the Facebook group where you want to place your Video, Audio, PDF file with Message Sequence campaign. Step 3: Choose Campaign Type Select the target group and opt for the “Message Sequence” option. Step 4: Name the Campaign Name your campaign, for example, “Text + Video Campaign,” and fill in the necessary details. Click “Next” to proceed.  Step 5: Compose the Message Craft your messages to engage with your audience effectively. Use the name variable, denoted by double curly braces, to personalize the messages with the recipient’s name.  Step 6: Insert Multimedia Content Click on the attachment icon to insert multimedia content into your message sequence. Step 7: Use Filebin for Hosting Visit the website “Filebin” ( to upload your audio, video, or PDF files. Follow the prompts to upload your files successfully. Step 8: Obtain URL Link After uploading, right-click on the uploaded file and select “Copy link address” to obtain the URL link of your uploaded file. Then, navigate to the URL section to verify that the URL is working correctly. Step 9: Insert URL into ReachOwl Paste the obtained URL into your ReachOwl message sequence section where you personalize your campaign with multimedia elements. Step 10: Save and Start Your Campaign  Click “Save” and start your campaign.  Step 11: Monitoring Your Campaign Once your campaign is running, you can check the campaign queue for verification. Monitor your Facebook inbox to ensure that your audio, video, and PDF files, along with your text messages, are delivered successfully to your audience. By following these steps and using Filebin to host your multimedia files, you can integrate multimedia content into your ReachOwl campaigns for increased engagement and impact.  Happy campaigning!

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