20 Cold DM Script that will

What is Cold DM & How these Cold DM Scripts can result in more appointments

Cold outreach is a tried-and-true technique in the world of marketing for producing new leads and growing your clientele. On social media sites like Facebook, twitter, reddit, and LinkedIn, direct messaging, or DMs, is a common method of cold contact. 

Cold DM can help businesses reach a wider audience and develop more personal connections with prospective clients. Cold DM scripts can be a highly effective way to get more meetings and bookings on your calendar if used correctly.

Today we are going to discover some proven Cold DM scripts that are going to flood your calendar with tons of appointments.

The use of cold DM techniques has many advantages. One benefit is that they help businesses communicate effectively and swiftly with a large number of people. They can also assist in developing relationships with prospective clients, giving the outreach process a more personal touch. Finally, because of their high degree of adaptability, they enable companies to focus their messaging on particular target markets.

This article will provide you with 20 cold DM scripts that are extremely effective at generating appointments and bookings. These scripts address a variety of strategies, including product demonstrations, industry insights, and personal connections. Each script will have a comprehensive outline that includes suggestions on how to customize them for maximum impact.

These cold DM scripts are a fantastic spot to start if you’re a small or business owner looking to increase your customer base or a marketer looking for new lead generation techniques. So let’s dive in and discover the realm of Cold DM marketing on Facebook!

Script 1: Personal Connection

A highly effective way to connect and develop a connection with a prospective client is to strike up a discussion with a personal connection. Find a connection or shared interest between you and the recipient to begin best ghostwriting service for this script. This might involve anything from a shared pastime to a friend. Then, give a brief introduction of yourself and suggest a short chat to find out more about each other.                                     

Here’s an example of how this script might look:

“Hey [Recipient], I noticed on your profile that you’ve been [surfing]! I am too!

Anyway, nice to be in touch with you. I’d love to get on the phone with you to find out more about your company and how we might be able to help one another.”

You can show that you have done research on the recipient and are genuinely interested in getting to know them better by starting with a personal connection. Establishing trust and strengthening a connection can both benefit greatly from this.


Script 2: Mutual Connection

Another effective strategy for connecting with a prospective client and earning their trust is to bring up a connection the two of you have in common. Choose a person that both you and the recipient are familiar with and use that as a discussion starter. Then, express your appreciation for the recipient’s work and invite them to a call so you can get to know one another better.

Here is an illustration of how the writing might appear:

[Recipient], We share a mutual friend [John Doe], I’ve known him since college days. 

Also I’ve been keeping up with your work for a while, and I’m really impressed with what you’ve managed to achieve. I’d be interested in finding out more about your company and exploring potential areas of cooperation. Would you be willing to make a short call?

You can show that you’ve done your research and are truly interested in getting to know the recipient by expressing your admiration for their work and bringing up a connection. This can hasten the development of a connection and the development of trust.

Script 3: Business Collaboration

This script can be a great way to strike up a discussion with a prospective client if you’re interested in working together. Mention the recipient’s company and indicate your desire to work together. Then, suggest a phone call to talk further and emphasize how your good or service might be a perfect match.

Here’s an example of how this script might look:

Greetings, [Recipient] I found your company online, and I really like what you’re doing. We might have some overlap in what we do, and I’d welcome looking into opportunities for possible collaboration. Would you be willing to make a brief phone call to talk this further? I believe that your company would benefit greatly from our product or service.

You can show that you’re not just looking for a quick transaction but also that you’re interested in establishing a long-term relationship by expressing an interest in working together and highlighting how your product or service could be a great fit.

Script 4: Location Connection

This can serve as the basis for your cold DM if you and your receiver are both in the same city or area. Start by bringing up your shared geographic spot and expressing an interest in getting to know one another. Then you can draw attention to any potential chances for cooperation that might emerge from being in the same area.

For example:

I see you are you from [city/region], I’ve been there 4 years ago. I really loved it!

I wanted to get in touch and introduce myself. I’m always seeking to broaden my network and learn from others in the area as a fellow [industry/professional].

To get to know one another better and determine whether there are any possible areas of collaboration, I’d love to set up a brief phone call. If that works for you, let me know!

Script 5: Expertise Insight / Share FREE Resource

You can use this to establish credibility and provide value right away if you specialise in a field that your receiver may find interesting. Begin by mentioning your expertise and offering to share insights and knowledge. Then, suggest making a contact to continue the conversation.

For example:

Hi [recipient],

I have been working on a report of [“20 Best tools to grow the traffic”]. I’ve gathered lots of information and insights that I think you would find useful. I’d be happy to share these with you.

If you’re interested, let’s schedule a call to discuss further. 

The main catch of this script is the free resource or report that you are offering to the prospect. And if they need it they have to get on a call with you. And who wouldn’t need a free resource right?

Script 6: Industry Interest

If you know that your recipient has a particular interest in a certain industry or field, you can use this as a starting point for your cold DM on Facebook. Begin by mentioning their interest and offering to share insights and knowledge. You can then propose a call to discuss further.

For example:

Hi [recipient],

I noticed your recent posts about [fitness training], and I must say I am truly impressed by the work you’ve been doing. I have been in the same field for some time and I’d love to connect and share some ideas with you.

If you’re open to it, let’s schedule a call to discuss further. I think there could be a lot of potential for collaboration and learning from each other.

Script 7: Product or Service Solution

You can use this information to determine how your product or service can address a specific issue or pain point your target audience may be experiencing. Mention the problem or challenge at the outset, then emphasize how your offering can offer a remedy. Then, suggest making a contact to continue the conversation.

Cold DM Script:

Hello, [recipient]

Is [pain point/challenge] still your main challenge?

I think I might be of some help as I’ve previously helped [Competitor Company] get to [POINT 2] from [POINT 1]

Let’s arrange a conversation to talk more if you’re curious to find out more. I’d adore to demonstrate how we can support you in overcoming this obstacle.

This is how it will look

Hello, David

Is finding new customers still your main challenge?

I think I might be of some help as I’ve previously helped Scalenut get to 2M+ Revenue from 1M Revenue

Let’s arrange a conversation to talk more if you’re curious to find out more. I’d adore to demonstrate how we can support you in overcoming this obstacle.

Script 8: Social Media Engagement

Engaging with prospective clients or partners through social media can be a great idea. Use it as a springboard to strike up a discussion if you come across a post or piece of content that a recipient shared on social media. Commence by mentioning the article or other material and expressing awe at their perceptions or insights. 

For example,

“I came across your recent post in [group] and was really impressed by your insights on the matter,”

Then suggest a contact to continue the conversation. Say something along the lines of,

“I’d love to help you with this Next week, would you be available for a brief call?

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Script 9: Company Interest 

When contacting a company or business, it’s critical to demonstrate that you’ve done your study and genuinely care about what they do. Mention the recipient’s business and state that you are interested in learning more in the opening. 

For example,

“I learned you recently raised a funding round? I wanted to congratulate you on your success”

Then, emphasize how your offering could help their company. You might say, 

“I would love to discuss your experience of raising this round & your learning from it if you are available for a short call”

The idea is to get some skin in the door and then ask some questions over the call to warm up; tell what you’ve been doing and how this is suited for companies like him.

Script 10: Common Event 

Attending conferences and events in your industry can be a fantastic way to network and meet potential partners or customers. Use the chance to extend an invitation if you’re going to an event or meeting and you see someone you’d like to meet. Mention the occasion or gathering you’ll be attending and why you believe the receiver would benefit from going. 


Facebook & LinkedIn events are good touch points to extract such audiences from.

For example

“I’ll be attending the [event/conference] next month & saw you would be too. I think we can meet & talk on the event day and share some ideas?”

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Script 11: Case Study Example

Sharing a case study or success story related to the recipient’s industry is a powerful way to demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service. Start by identifying a case study that showcases how your offering has helped businesses similar to theirs. Then, mention the case study in your message, highlighting the results and benefits that the business in question experienced.

For example, you might write:

“I recently came across a case study of a business in your industry that faced a similar challenge to yours. After implementing our solution, they were able to increase their revenue by 20% and reduce costs by 15%. I’d love to share more about how we can help your business achieve similar results. Would you be available for a call to discuss further?”

Script 12: Market Insight

Keeping up-to-date with the most recent trends and advancements in your recipient’s business can help you establish yourself as an authority and win over potential customers. Using this script, share a recent trend or development you’ve noticed in their business and provide your insights and opinions on it.

For example, you might  write: 

“I recently read about a trend towards digital transformation in your business. A strong digital infrastructure is becoming more crucial as businesses move more of their activities online. I’d love to share some thoughts and viewpoints on how your company can benefit from this trend as someone who has assisted many businesses in navigating this transition. Are you available for a call to talk this further?”

Script 13: Solution based approach.

Rather than pitching your product or service with the problem based approach you can also try reaching our solution based approach. 

Sometimes when complications make work hard; simplicity makes it easier.

So you can go about saying something like this.

“Hey, would you be interested in [solution] for your business daily? Without spending any dime on [ads]?

This will help them get to know directly what you are talking about and say “YES” if they really are your audience.

Script 14: Partnership Opportunity 

You can discuss the partnership in which they will not be able to say no. You have to think of the right way you can ask them to say YES to your offer.

Partnerships are a result of give and take. It could be something of equal exchange or sometimes a thing you can do better for them and something they can do better for you.

Hey, I saw that you’ve been doing some videos for [BRAND]. I would love it if you could record a short review video for your channel.

In exchange I would interview you on my podcast. My podcast has 20,000 monthly viewers.

Script 15: Referral Connection 

Use this script to thank the person who referred you to the recipient if you have a common link and to show your interest in finding out more about their company.

For example, you might write:  

“I was speaking with [name of mutual connection] recently, and they suggested your company as a possible fit for our product. I’m eager to find out more about your company and how we can support you in achieving your objectives. Would you be open to a conversation to talk more about this?”

The probability that the recipient will be receptive to your message can be increased by mentioning the shared connection. This can help to build trust and make a warm introduction.

Script 16: Website Analysis

One of the most important factors in a company’s performance in the era of digital marketing is its website. A great approach to start a discussion about the recipient’s online presence is to mention how you found their website. Offer comments and recommendations for improvement after praising the website’s positive aspects. The purpose of this is to demonstrate your knowledge and how you can benefit their company.
For example, 

“I just discovered your website, and I must say that I was very pleased with both the usability and the calibre of the material. I did identify a few places that could use some improvement, though. For instance, speeding up page load time and incorporating more visual components could make the site more appealing. I’d be glad to go over these issues in greater detail and make some recommendations. This week, are you ready for a call?”

Script 17: Professional Introduction

A formal introduction can highlight your experience and knowledge while also fostering a relationship with the recipient. The communication should be brief and tailored to the recipient’s business and hobbies.

For example, 

“Hi [Recipient’s Name], I’m [Your Name], and I have a background in [Your Profession/Industry]. I’m interested in learning more about your work in [Recipient’s Industry/Field], and I believe there could be some opportunities for collaboration. I would love to schedule a call to discuss further if you’re available.”

Script 18: Product Demo 

A product demo is a powerful tool for showcasing the advantages and characteristics of your product or service. Mention the major advantages and provide the recipient with a demonstration or trial. Be sure to tailor your message for cold DM marketing on Facebook to the individual and outline how your product can alleviate their particular problems.

For instance, 

“Hello [Recipient’s Name], I found your business and was pleased with what I saw. I believe that [Your Product/Service Name] would be an excellent match for your company. My belief is that our platform’s [Main Benefit 1], [Main Benefit 2], and [Main Benefit 3] could assist you in resolving [Recipient’s Pain Points]. I’d be happy to arrange a demo or trial so I can demonstrate you how our product operates. Do you have time to talk further?

Script 19: Content Collaboration 

Working together to create content can be a great way to get to know the receiver and create content that will be useful to both parties. Mention the advantages and possibilities of working together on material, such as greater exposure and a pooled knowledge of subject matter.

For example,  

“Hello [Recipient’s Name], I found your blog and was amazed by how knowledgeable you were about [Recipient’s Field/Industry]. I believe there may be some fantastic chances to work together on content and to present our respective audiences with our expertise. This might help us gain more visibility and give our respective audiences insightful information. Do you want to talk about this issue more?”

Script 20: Target Competitor’s Customers

If you could find a way to reach your competitor’s customers. You can pitch them your alternative solution.

This can happen in two ways.

1- Extracting the audience from your competitor’s Facebook ad. (People who liked or commented his ads”

2- Extract the audience from your competitor’s Facebook group. 

If you are able to access these people you can possibly reach out.

“I saw you are a member of [competitor’s name]. I was curious about your experience with them so far?”

Once they answer you can take it forward with.

“I am working on a similar [service/tool] that is actually [competitive advantage] would you want to try it out for free?”

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We have discussed 20 powerful cold DM scripts that can help you schedule appointments and book bookings for your calendar. When creating cold DM scripts that are more likely to receive favorable responses, personalization and value proposition are important factors to take into account. 

Finding the script and technique that works best for you and your company requires experimentation. Using appropriate language and tone, keeping messages brief and focused on the recipient’s requirements, and always including a clear call to action are some guidelines for optimizing cold DM outreach. You can improve your odds of success with cold DM outreach by paying attention to these suggestions and using the sample scripts. 

In short, all DM Scripts might not be good for you. It’s now one size fits all script. You have to do some work in order to get it perfect. 

I can arrange a [FREE] Consultation call in order to review it when you are ready.

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