How to Add Variation in Facebook

In a previous blog, we discussed how to schedule a single post on Facebook using ReachOwl. Now, we have enhanced our Facebook post scheduler feature, you can add variations to multiple posts across different Facebook groups. This feature allows for more dynamic and engaging outreach.

Here’s how to utilize this new functionality.

Step 1: Access the Facebook Post Scheduler

On ReachOwl’s left menu, click the new “Facebook Post Scheduler” button.

Click on “Let’s Set Up Your First Post Scheduler” to begin your scheduling journey.

Step 2: Targeting Your Audience

Choose the Facebook groups where you want your post to appear. You can select a maximum of 10 groups for each campaign.

Step 3: Crafting Posts

Design an engaging post to grab your audience’s attention. ReachOwl allows you to include images and preset backgrounds to make your message visually appealing.

Step 4: Adding Post Variations

To create multiple posts for different Facebook groups, click on the “Add Post Variation” button. 

This allows you to craft unique posts for each group, tailoring your message to different audiences.

Once your posts are ready, click “Next.” 

Step 5: Campaign Details

Give your campaign a clear and descriptive name, such as “Post Scheduler with Variation.”

Step 6: Schedule Interval

Set the interval in minutes, which determines the time between each post publication. This ensures your posts are distributed according to your desired schedule. 

Save your campaign once you’ve set the intervals.

Step 7: Monitor your campaign

In the “Monitor Your Campaign” section, you can track the status of your posts by selecting the group from the below list to view the post preview.

Your variation posts will be scheduled with different backgrounds for each variation.

Initially, you’ll see a dash under “Posted At,” indicating that your posts haven’t been published yet.

As your scheduled time arrives, the dash will change to “Open Post,” signifying a successful post, and your post will be posted on Facebook. 


By adding variations to your Facebook posts with ReachOwl, you can enhance your outreach efforts, ensuring your content is tailored to different audiences across multiple groups.

This new feature not only saves time but also maximizes engagement by delivering relevant content to each group.

Start using this feature today to increase your social media marketing strategy!

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